Tag: mortal


  • Derek Kurtz

    Derek (as he's usually mononymously known) is a typical L.A. surf rat. When he's not riding the waves, he's working a variety of odd jobs around the San Fernando Valley or down at the beaches. In addition to surfing, his other passions are movies and the …

  • Rev. Leon Cutler

    The growth of the Crypt’s Sons has caused considerable concern, not only among the Kindred, but in the mortal population of Los Angeles as well. One man, the Reverend Leon Cutler, saw many of his congregation abandoning the church to join the Crypt’s Sons …

  • Cpt. Mike Evans

    Mike is Aaron's older brother. He is a member of the Kansas Highway Patrol, and has worked his way up to the rank of Captain.

  • Patricia Park

    This is one of Aaron's herd derived from Karen's Fan Club. Patricia was also one of the club/goth kids who encountered Aaron before, during, and after his frenzy in the alley at Club Zombie. She was one of the club goers who knew vampires frequented …