The Northwest Baronies

These are by the far the most isolated baronies in the greater Los Angeles area. They tend to be small, often consisting of just one or two vampires, and rarely have much to do with one another or with Kindred politics in general.

Simi Valley

Population: 100,000 mortals, 3 vampires

This fairly isolated valley, which lies north and west of Los Angeles, is currently dominated by a small Sabbat pack, the Dead Gypsies, that roared into town on their bikes. They slaughtered the Gangrel couple that was living here, and are temporarily feeding off the populace. Any group that removed this threat to the security of the Free States would receive the gratitude of the local Kindred community.

Santa Clarita

Population: 110,000 mortals, 2 vampires

This area, far to the north of Los Angeles, is “held” by a young vampire couple named George and Millie Gaspar. Caitiff in the most complete sense of the word, they think they are the only vampires in existence, and would be thrilled to discover that they are part of a larger community. The Gaspars are both Farmers, in the Kindred meaning of the term, although recently Walter has been looking longingly at some of the local children…

  • Six Flags Magic Mountain: Far to the north of Anaheim is a 260-acre entry in Southern California’s amusement park competition, containing over 100 rides with such spine-chilling names as Ninja, Freefall, and Colossus. This is where the diehard thrill-seekers go. There is also an animal farm, Bugs Bunny World and an amphitheater.

The San Fernando Valley

Population: 1,000,000 mortals, 5 vampires

This region stretches from the Santa Monica mountains east to the San Gabriel Mountains and contains the communities of Studio City, Sunland-Tujunga, Sun Valley, Lakeview Terrace, Granada Hills, Chatsworth, Van Nuys, Encino, Sherman Oaks, North Hollywood, Sylmar, Pacoima, Arleta, Tarzana, Reseda and Woodland Hills. It is most famous for its gift to American culture, the Valley Girl.

“The Valley,” as it is always referred to in L.A., had until recently been thought of a the last bastion of middle-class culture and morality in Los Angeles, but this is no longer the case. The neighborhoods in the Valley now range from low-income, almost totally Spanish-speaking communities like Pacoima to the impossibly rich in Encino.

Very few Kindred make their homes in the Valley, since the area is still quite suburban. A house that is completely blacked out by day and only shows signs of occupation at night would be bound to excite comment. However, access is easy since five freeways cross it at various points, and the vampires of Hollywood and Downtown do much of their feeding here. This has allowed the central Los Angeles area to support many more vampires than its population would suggest.

The most notable Kindred in the area is Karen Anotos, a B-movie scream queen turned real-life vampire. Like the Gaspars of Santa Clarita, she is ignorant of greater Kindred society. However, her closer proximity to the core of the city, as well as her repeated breaches of the Masquerade, have made it far more likely that she will soon be finding out the hard way that she’s not alone in unlife…

  • Sherman Oaks Galleria: This three-level mall was built on the site of Moses Sherman’s original 1911 thousand-acre investment in the area, at the present-day intersection of Ventura and Sepulveda boulevards. It opened in 1980 with two department stores (Robinsons anchoring the south, May Company anchoring the north). Pacific Theatres’ Pacific 4 occupies the uppermost level of the mall. The mall became famous in the early 1980s as being the center of the teenage mall culture and a well-known teenage hangout.

The Northwest Baronies

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