Tom Weaver

Would-be Baron of Anaheim


Sire: Jake Almerson
Nature: Child
Demeanor: Bon Vivant
Generation: 11th
Embrace: 1953 (born 1920)
Apparent Age: Early 30s
Physical: Strength 5, Dexterity 3, Stamina 4
Social: Charisma 3, Manipulation 1, Appearance 4
Mental: Perception 3, Intelligence 2, Wits 1
Talents: Athletics 5, Brawl 5, Intimidation 3
Skills: Drive 3, Firearms 4, Melee 3, Stealth 3
Knowledges: Investigation 2, Law 1, Occult 2
Disciplines: Animalism 1, Auspex 1, Celerity 2, Potence 3, Presence 1
Backgrounds: Mentor 1, Retainers 4
Virtues: Conscience 3, Self-Control 3, Courage 4
Humanity: 7
Willpower: 5


Like most of the Kindred in L.A., Tom comes from somewhere else. Raised on a small farm in Louisiana, Tom got out of there as early as he could. He drifted down to New Orleans, where his huge body, good looks and happy grin soon got him a job as a “doorman” at one of the better bars downtown. It also earned him the attention of the local Brujah, who were preparing to overthrow the prince.

This rebellion went no further than the planning stages, but during that time Tom had become a vampire. His own sire was something of a rabble rouser, and Tom learned well from him. When no action was forthcoming, however, Tom headed west to the one place he knew he could find action—Los Angeles.

In spite of everything he has seen, Tom has a hard time imagining that people can really be evil. He is continually surprised when he is attacked or betrayed.

Tom is a big, handsome, friendly galoot. He stands 6’ 4" tall and is very well built. He has curly, light brown hair, blue eyes and tanned skin. He tends towards jeans, work shirts and cowboy boots, and usually has a big smile on his face.

Tom Weaver

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