Calvin Cleaver

Gangrel Enforcer


Sire: Gunnar
Nature: Visionary
Demeanor: Autist
Generation: 11th
Embrace: 1977 (born 1951)
Apparent Age: Mid-twenties
Physical: Strength 4, Dexterity 3, Stamina 3
Social: Charisma 2, Manipulation 1, Appearance 2
Mental: Perception 3, Intelligence 2, Wits 3
Talents: Athletics 5, Brawl 3, Expression 4, Intimidation 2, Leadership 1, Streetwise 2
Skills: Animal Ken 2, Firearms 3, Melee 3, Security 2, Stealth 4, Survival 3
Knowledges: Academics 1, Investigation 3, Law 2, Occult 1, Politics 1
Disciplines: Animalism 1, Celerity 1, Fortitude 2, Protean 2
Backgrounds: Allies 2, Resources 2, Status 2
Virtues: Conscience 4, Self-Control 3, Courage 4
Humanity: 6
Willpower: 5


If everyone could just get along, nobody’d have to get hurt. Calvin lived that motto while growing up and going through school in Los Angeles. He avoided conflict by lying low and refraining from activism. Of course, that didn’t prevent Calvin from getting drafted into the armed forces when the conflict in Vietnam escalated. Rammed through infantry training, he left for the hellish jungles in 1970.

Calvin had never wanted to be a military man; he quickly left the service after his tour of duty ended. Back home, in a country that reviled him for his unwilling participation in warfare, Calvin did what he’d always done: he sank into obscurity and tried to blend into society again. He took a job with the local police department as a detective. Although he was unexceptional as an investigator, he survived and prospered. His work on the LAPD, in the home he’d returned to, gave him some satisfaction; he helped to solve problems and prevent conflicts.

Tracking down what he thought was a cult, Calvin found a small band of white supremacists and neo-nazis in a fortified retreat outside Los Angeles. His investigation went sour when he arrived at their headquarters; his partner was shot and he was pinned down by gunfire while trying to enter the building. Crawling from cover point to cover point, Calvin managed to shoot three assailants and disarm another one in close combat.

Then he met the monster who commanded the group. Gunnar, an aged Scandinavian Gangrel, used the trappings of Norse myth to lead the band of dull-witted punks into believing he was a reincarnated Aryan god. Gunnar had no greater political or hate-crime agenda; he merely sought blood. Impressed by the policeman’s careful dispatching of his warband, the Gangrel Embraced the struggling and horrified Calvin, then disappeared into the night to find a new coven of gullible mortals.

Abandoned, as with many Gangrel, Calvin had to learn the difficult lessons of vampiric survival on his own. He tore into the bodies of his attackers, drained them of blood, then staggered away from the site and tried to comprehend what he had become. During the day, he sought shelter in an abandoned railroad car where he slowly realized the full extent of his changes. Thinking himself perhaps unique, he traveled eastward to find some semblance of order in his new unlife.

After Calvin reached Tennessee in 1980, he was noticed by another roving Gangrel. Roughly initiated at last into his clan and into vampiric society, he discovered the Camarilla and learned more of his limitations and capabilities. The idea of a nation of hidden vampires, negotiating their disputes and hiding from prying eyes, meshed well with his own philosophies of existence, and he quickly gained a reputation as a staunch supporter of the Masquerade. His diplomatic tendencies, combined with his formidable combat training and his Gangrel predilection for traveling, made him a desirable envoy and enforcer.

With continued Sabbat pressure against the Camarilla on the East Coast, Calvin was once again drafted into service, this time in a more delicate capacity. Although the Anarch Free State had long been a “dumping ground” for politically volatile Kindred, it remained a buffer between parts of the Camarilla and the Sabbat. It also boasted several prosperous cities and some impressively determined Cainites. Calvin and a half-dozen other agents were dispatched to the West Coast, there to keep an eye on the anarchs, uphold the Masquerade, and make sure that the Free State did not become more of a problem for the Camarilla.

Diplomacy, with the aid of Calvin’s more silver-tongued coterie companions, kept many of the anarchs quiescent; enforcement served to discipline the most rash and bellicose. For a full decade, Calvin has roamed the coastline, unappreciated by a Camarilla unwilling to admit to the political expedience of the Free State.

Calvin Cleaver

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