Neon Masquerade

Episode Twelve: Death Party

As the chronicle races towards its conclusion, Aaron goes against his better instincts and pursues love. A road trip is undertaken. Many tears are shed.

Listen to the recording session here.


Hello again! I just wanted to pop in and say I am REALLY loving this. Poor Dawn! I really felt for both Des in that situation. I had similar terrible things happen to my vampire character when he fell in love. It is the worst but it makes for such an amazing story.

I’m listening to episode 13 now. I’m not even half way through it, so I apologize if this gets brought up. I just didn’t want to forget. This will help poor Des out a little. Guns don’t do lethal damage to vampires. Something about most of the damage coming from hydrostatic shock as well as actual physical damage. Because they don’t have organs or very many vital bits, bullets only do bashing damage. They ALSO halve bashing damage after soak, so it makes guns a really poor weapon against kindred.

If this gets seen later, I’m sorry for jumping in too early. Again, this is such a great chronicle. I love it! I can’t wait to start my own small group game. I really will have to record it as well. Take after y’all! :)

(For rules page numbers and such: v20 281 on the chart. Bottom under damage says bullets do bashing unless he head is targeted. 285 under bashing says all bashing damage to a vampire AFTER soak is halved)

Episode Twelve: Death Party

Thanks for catching that! I’m making it a goal this winter to familiarize myself to a much greater degree with rules minutiae like that.

(I realized during Session 13 that I hadn’t been enforcing dice pool penalties for injuries, so I guess it all balances out in the end…)

And boy, that does really nerf guns! All the more reason to pack those Dragonfire rounds. ;)

If you do end up recording and posting your sessions, please send a link our way—we’d love to listen!

Episode Twelve: Death Party

To be fair, it isn’t clearly stated. Especially with the bashing damage. In one section it talks about taking damage normally, then under healing it says vampires only take half. There are a plethora of small rules like that which aren’t prominently written. The only reason I know is I played in a vampire game that lasted almost 2 years. The guy running it was a guru so I just picked up a ton of knowledge second hand. Now, I KNOW the rules, I just have to find them in my book hah. I’m now in a dark ages game which has its’ own variations on the rules which are slightly different, so that also leads to some confusion. All in good fun though!

I surely will send you a link! Where would it be best to send it?

Episode Twelve: Death Party

Oh, and Des asked why she would spend blood to boost her stats instead of using willpower for an auto-success. The WP only lasts a single turn, while the blood boost lasts the whole scene. Plus, she can multi-boost her stats to 1 over her generational maximum, so she can go all powerhouse for a scene. If she has the blood haha.

Episode Twelve: Death Party
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