Neon Masquerade

Episode Nine: Colors

Aaron and Karen have fled Los Angeles after killing a high-profile Cainite. But whither are they bound, and what may they find when they return to the City of Angels months later?

Listen to the recording session here.


I am listening to episode 10 right now and there was a question about using skills you have no dots in. It should be under the skill section but I think it is: if it is a talent, there is no penalty. Just roll attribute. If it is a skill, roll at +1 difficulty, and if it is a Knowledge, you can’t attempt it without dots.

I love the game so far. You both are great! Inspiring me to try something similar with my group!

Episode Nine: Colors

Thanks for the info! Very helpful.

So glad you’re enjoying the game! Thanks for your kind words.

Episode Nine: Colors
sirlarkins sirlarkins

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